Andres Gonzales: Half man, half amazing

by Derek on June 18, 2011

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Andres Gonzales

If you’re not sure who Andres Gonzales is, just look for the big dude with long hair and a super fu manchu.  Let’s just say that he doesn’t look like your typical golfer.  And the PGA Tour rookie has a personality to match.

Rick Reilly wrote a column on Gonzales a few days ago that’s definitely worth a click.  If you haven’t been following Gonzales on Twitter, you may not have known that he’s Tiger’s best friend, even though Tiger probably has no idea who Gonzales is.

His first tweet to Tiger started off like this:

@TigerWoods my name is andresgonzales and I am a rookie on tour. I like elephants.

Reilly has captured a few gems in his article:

One time he asked Tiger what his 40-yard-dash time was.

Another time he wondered why Tiger wouldn’t tweet him back. “I think if you ever answer me you will realize I am way cooler than Jean Claude Van Dam?”

And then there was the admonishment: “@TigerWoods You missed out last night on the bowling!”

Gonzales also tends to get mistaken for another famous “athlete”:

Mostly I get Kenny Powers. Everybody thinks I look like Kenny Powers. Some guy the other day, every time I hit a shot or a putt, was hollering, ‘Kenny Powers Baby!’

Make that Kenny Fuckin’ Powers.

Of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t post a link to a photo of him at his high school prom with golf blogger/journalist Stephanie Wei.  No he didn’t have an amazing fu manchu, but he did have a pretty amazing baby blue tux.

You can get more insight into the enigma that is @andres_gonzales in this story in the WSJ.


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