Ian Poulter Disses Johnny Miller

by Derek on December 19, 2010

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Proving that Twitter really is the best place to keep up to date on the latest drama in professional golf (especially for the Europeans), Ian Poulter and Lee Westwood took some time to share their thoughts on Johnny Miller.

Westwood asked Poulter if he had already sent Johnny Miller his X-mas card yet.  Poulter replied by asking if Westwood had sent one himself, given that Miller had recently called Westwood and Paul Casey chokers.  He then threw in a slam about Miller’s putting.  Westwood then (half-jokingly?) stated that he was beginning to think that Miller was just anti-English.

This isn’t the first time that Miller and Poulter have had their differences.  But this go-round is interesting because in the same interview that Poulter was referencing, Miller specifically said that he thought Poulter was a good ballstriker and that he was just surprised to see that it didn’t show up statistically – although he did more or less name Paul Casey and Dustin Johnson as the biggest chokers in golf.  He didn’t exactly say that Westwood was a choker though as Poulter alleged.

WUP: What about someone like Lee Westwood, who some say has trouble closing out majors?

JM: Thing is about Lee — the way he plays in the Ryder Cup, he doesn’t appear to be a choker, but maybe for majors. Everybody has their choking point. The only thing that Tiger in his prime would choke is maybe winning the Grand Slam in the calendar year, but to be honest, he did win a non-[calendar] year Slam.

Say what you want about Johnny Miller, you can’t say that he doesn’t speak his mind.  And it seems like a pretty fair assessment to me.

At the end of all of this, I’m just left thinking about how boring golf would be without Twitter and characters like Ian Poulter and Johnny Miller.  It (Twitter) has basically become the Peyton Place of professional golf.

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