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If any of you guys caught the American Century Championship on TV this weekend, you might have noticed something absolutely amazing… Charles Barkley making a full swing, right handed, without a hitch.

It was a far cry from what we saw at the Regents Tradition earlier this year.

Hank (who you could see walking with Barkley on TV) seemed on Twitter:

Charles Barkley had a better tournament this yr in Tahoe at the American Century Classic, at least he made some pars and didn’t finish DFL

That’s right.  It’s all about expectations.  Set them as low as possible and then not finishing DFL seems pretty darn good.  You can see Sir Charles’s 325-yard hitch free drive on #8 after the break:

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Over the last few days, Hank Haney has singlehandedly created a new internet golfing meme:  5 handicap… quit my job… will golf for food.

This all came about when Haney was tweeted by a 24 year old 5-handicap player asking if Hank thought he had any chance of making it as a professional golfer.  In his bluntly honest style, .

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Hank Haney Teaching the Teacher

As I mentioned yesterday, I was able to spend part of this past weekend at Hank Haney’s “Teaching the Teacher” conference.  Instructors from literally all over the world were in attendance sharpening their teaching skills and learning about new teaching technologies.

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I had the great opportunity to spend some time at Hank Haney’s “Teaching the Teacher” conference this past weekend (more on that later).  At the conference I caught up with Jordan Lewites from OnlineSkillsCoach.com.  Jordan was taking attendees through the OnlineSkillsCoach.com offering, which basically enables instructors to provide online lessons to pupils around the world.

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Hank Haney speaks his mind

by Derek on March 2, 2011

in Random Golf Stuff

Haney Project Charles Barkley

SI’s Gary Van Sickle caught up with Hank Haney on Monday to ask him about last night’s season finale of The Haney Project.  Of course they talked about Rush and the significant improvements he’s made over the course of this season, but the great quote from Hank came when he was asked about Charles Barkley’s swing:

He is physically able to, he isn’t mentally able to. It’s bizarre when somebody shoots less than 50 percent from the foul line, it’s bizarre when Chuck Knobloch can’t throw it to first base, it’s bizarre when Rick Ankiel throws 18 pitches in a row to the backstop. But it happens.

So Barkley is in that club?

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