August 2011

Peterson snubbed by USGA, turns pro

by Derek on August 30, 2011


LSU’s John Peterson raised a lot of eyebrows last month when he finished 2nd in a Nationwide Tour event and proceeded to state that he thought top amateur golfers could beat the top pro’s.  I don’t agree with him, but hey, he’s 22 and had almost won a professional tournament as an amateur (Harris English, the event’s winner was also an amateur).  I’m willing to give him a pass.

Apparently the USGA isn’t though, as they declined to name Peterson to the Walker Cup team.  UGA’s Harris English (who joined in with Peterson’s comments)  and soon to be t-sip Jordan Spieth were selected.

The decision immediately sparked outrage.  Peterson won the NCAA individual championship and a Nationwide Tour event.  How the hell do you not pick him?  Patrick Kane of Virginia Golf Report had this to say:

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Bethany College Swedes

Remember these guys?  The ones that got the hammer dropped on them by their coach after they took a nude photo (ala UCLA golf) and had the gall to post it on facebook?

Well, their coach has decided to reduce the suspension to 1 game.  The players will all be required to write a letter of apology and give a presentation on the perils of social media.  I’m guessing it will be titled “the perils of social media and uptight a$$holes”.

Seriously, in the grand scheme of things, if the worst thing that your collegiate athletes do is take a “nude” picture where nothing is actually showing, you’re probably doing ok.  There are plenty of college athletic programs dealing with real problems.

Jim Furyk has ice water in his veins

by Derek on August 25, 2011

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jim furyk earthquake

I knew that Jim Furyk was a cool customer.  But after seeing his reaction to the earthquake earlier this week, I think his new nickname should be Ice Man.

Full video after the break:

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JB Holmes to have brain surgery

by Derek on August 24, 2011

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According to the Golf Channel, JB Holmes is scheduled for brain surgery next week.  He developed a condition known as Chiari Malformation after the Players Championship, and has struggled on the course over the past couple of months.

I looked the condition up on Wikipedia, but I still don’t know exactly what it is.  However the symptoms include dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, muscle weakness, sleep apnea, and impaired muscle coordination among other symptoms.  In severe cases it can cause paralysis.

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bethany college golf team nude photo

I’ve just found Phil’s next screensaver.  Bethany College, a small Lutheran school in Kansas, has suspended it’s entire 15-man golf team after the guys posed for a nude photo.  The only visible equipment was golfing related, but apparently the team’s coach didn’t find the photo amusing and brought the hammer down on his own team.

Team captain Jack Hiscock (yes that’s really his name) is appealing the suspension to the college president. [Update on the suspension here]


Here’s a picture of Sophie Horn to make up for the picture above:

sophie horn

True Linkswear Stealth Limited Edition

True Linkswear has just released their final limited edition shoe of the year.  It’s a version of their brown Stealth model with a cream sole.  I think they’re really nice looking.  But if you want to buy a pair, you’d better hurry since they only made 100 of them.

True Linkswear

These guys are good

by Derek on August 21, 2011

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This is a great compilation of some of the best short game shots on the PGA Tour from the 2008 season.  Stewart Cink’s putter off the stones, over the rough, and into the hole is amazing.

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The Heatstroke Open

by Derek on August 19, 2011

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furnace creek golf course heatstroke open

When you’re playing golf on the surface of the sun in Death Valley in the middle of the Summer, you’re not too worried about your score.  Just finishing the round can be a challenge.

“That’s pretty much the goal out here,” said Matt Muscari, a Las Vegas resident who played the Heatstroke Open tournament at Furnace Creek last month. “Just make it through without passing out.”

The guys at the Furnace Creek Ranch Resort golf course (an appropriate name) decided to hold a golf tournament at the end of June and called it the Heatstroke Open.  I call it the Nutjob Open.  The official highs for the 2 days the tournament took place were 115 and 114 degrees respectively.  48 players showed up to play and I don’t think anybody died…. so they got that going for them.


[Image Peter Yoon]

Tiger Woods

Tiger may have dropped to 33rd in the world (and is still falling), but at least he’s still #1 at something.  And I’m not talking about being the subject of awesome paintings.  The Miami New Times recently named him their #1 Bad Celebrity Tipper.  He apparently once took back a $5 tip from a waitress (while playing a $10k hand of blackjack) because he realized he had already tipped her earlier that evening.  Wow.

[Image Flickr/Keith Allison]

Miami New Times (via Golf Digest)

What I want for my birthday…

by Derek on August 17, 2011

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A reader over on GeoffShackelford’s site found this absolutely amazing lithograph of Tiger Woods and Friend by artist Tos Kostermans.

My birthday is at the end of the month and I think this would look absolutely amazing in the middle of my living room.  My wife and I are trying to sell our house and the real estate agent made me take my deer head down.  This would be perfect in that spot!

Thanks to Phil for sending this my way.