The World’s Most Luxurious Golf Publication

by Derek on January 31, 2011

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The World's Most Luxurious Golf Publication

As I was walking around the PGA Show, I saw this huge book on a table and had to stop to find out more.  The book is called “Golf” and is the brainchild of artists/authors/TV producers Paul Skellett and Simon Weitzman.  They started out knowing next to nothing about golf and spent the last 4 years creating a book (really a work of art) that covers the game, the courses, and the story of golf.

Golf Luxury Folio

The World's Most Luxurious Golf Publication

The World's Most Luxurious Golf Publication

Only 10 of these books will be made.  Each one is created to order.   The cover is gold embossed Russian hide recovered from a ship that sank several hundred years ago off the coast of New York (the leather was preserved in the silt).  It contains 140 individually hand torn pages.  Each page is hand printed on archival grade paper.

Binding at the Royal Binders

Then it’s all bound by the Royal Binders.  Essentially they’ve created a modern day golfing equivalent to a medieval bible.

Prints from "Golf"

You can own one for $48k.  But if that’s a little too rich for your blood, they will be creating 100 prints of each of the pages from the book.  They’re created in exactly the same manner as the pages from the book and will be available in April for $350 each.  There will also be a 2100 copy release of a smaller collector’s edition of the book later this year.  They will sell for approximately $600 each.

Page from GolfPage from GolfPage from Golf

This was definitely different than anything else at the PGA Show.  I’m probably not the target market for a $50k book, but I could definitely see myself picking up one of the limited edition prints to hang on the wall.

Wonderland Publications

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