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This is insane

by Derek on May 31, 2013

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Do you think this guy has spent much time practicing this?

sunset hills memorial golf park

This one is just kind of creepy.  If you’re a die hard golfer near Bellvue, WA, you can now spend eternity buried in a bunker at the Sunset Hills Memorial Golf Park.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Sunset Hills has built a replica golf course/cemetery.  This gives new meaning to being “dead” in a hazard.  Be warned though, sand traps are reserved for cremated remains only.

The course will naturally feature a leaderboard where your name will be listed if you’ve reserved a “future tee time.”  I guess you’re winning if you’re still upright?

Sunset Hills (via SI)

I guess this really shouldn’t be that surprising coming from a guy with this golf bag, but apparently MJ decided to poke a little fun at Bill Clinton when they were on the golf course:

Clinton loves playing golf with athletes whenever he can. He’s played with Greg Norman, Adam Scott, Luke Donald and Michael Jordan, among others. Jordan coaxed him from the white tees to the championship tees by saying, “You’re going to play from the little girls’ tee?” Jordan’s challenge was for Clinton to break 100; he did.

The guys over at Yahoo Sports seem to think that MJ went too far and this was just another example of his general jerkiness.   I can’t speak to Jordan’s personality, but honestly the quote above just sounds like good-natured banter out on the golf course to me.  I am wondering what the bet was for though…


Former high school golfer Andrew Vold still hasn't received his $5k.

If you’re running a golf tournament and you have a hole-in-one contest, buy the damn insurance.  If the last story didn’t convince you, hopefully this one will.

Former high school golfer Andrew Vold decided to play in a tournament in May.  Unknown to Andrew, playing the tournament apparently forfeited his high school eligibility (I’m still scratching my head on that one).  But the loss of eligibility was offset by the fact that he paid $10 for a shot at a $5k hole in one and made it.  

However the joy was short lived, because here we are 4 months later and the tournament is refusing to pay out.  Nobody can figure out who underwrote the hole-in-one insurance (aka the promoter thought he could save a few bucks by not buying it ) and now he’s ducking everybody’s phone calls.  It really blows my mind that anybody running a tournament with a hole-in-one prize these days doesn’t buy insurance.  Surely the savings of a couple hundred bucks is offset by the mess of a situation that is created when somebody actually makes the shot.

Hopefully, somebody with some legal knowledge in this area will step up and help Andrew get the $5k he’s owed.


Bethany College Swedes

Remember these guys?  The ones that got the hammer dropped on them by their coach after they took a nude photo (ala UCLA golf) and had the gall to post it on facebook?

Well, their coach has decided to reduce the suspension to 1 game.  The players will all be required to write a letter of apology and give a presentation on the perils of social media.  I’m guessing it will be titled “the perils of social media and uptight a$$holes”.

Seriously, in the grand scheme of things, if the worst thing that your collegiate athletes do is take a “nude” picture where nothing is actually showing, you’re probably doing ok.  There are plenty of college athletic programs dealing with real problems.

The Heatstroke Open

by Derek on August 19, 2011

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furnace creek golf course heatstroke open

When you’re playing golf on the surface of the sun in Death Valley in the middle of the Summer, you’re not too worried about your score.  Just finishing the round can be a challenge.

“That’s pretty much the goal out here,” said Matt Muscari, a Las Vegas resident who played the Heatstroke Open tournament at Furnace Creek last month. “Just make it through without passing out.”

The guys at the Furnace Creek Ranch Resort golf course (an appropriate name) decided to hold a golf tournament at the end of June and called it the Heatstroke Open.  I call it the Nutjob Open.  The official highs for the 2 days the tournament took place were 115 and 114 degrees respectively.  48 players showed up to play and I don’t think anybody died…. so they got that going for them.


[Image Peter Yoon]

Musicians tend to have a lot of down time when they’re on tour.  They basically work evenings and maybe have to show up in the late afternoon for a sound check.  So many of them turn end up spending their days on tour at the golf course.

Charles Kelley, the lead singer of Lady Antebellum, is no exception to the rule.  He appears to actually have some game as well.  Full video after the break.

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They play a different kind of golf in Utah:  Rifle Golf.  Founded in 2005, Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf is the only shooting range of its kind in the world.  The course consists of 9 “holes” over a 7 mile course set on 10,000 acres.  You’ll have the opportunity to take shots from 175 to 1200 yards on 30 different targets.

For only $50 (plus $35 to rent an ATV) you can test your shooting game at Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf.  And don’t piss off the cart girl… she’s probably packin’.  Full video after the break:

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Shakira, the Columbian, singer/dancer is apparently not a bad golfer.  She certainly has a much better looking swing than I was expecting to see when I saw this video.  She’s welcome to come give me one on one instruction anytime.  Full video after the break:

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charles barkley golf course

If any of you guys caught the American Century Championship on TV this weekend, you might have noticed something absolutely amazing… Charles Barkley making a full swing, right handed, without a hitch.

It was a far cry from what we saw at the Regents Tradition earlier this year.

Hank (who you could see walking with Barkley on TV) seemed on Twitter:

Charles Barkley had a better tournament this yr in Tahoe at the American Century Classic, at least he made some pars and didn’t finish DFL

That’s right.  It’s all about expectations.  Set them as low as possible and then not finishing DFL seems pretty darn good.  You can see Sir Charles’s 325-yard hitch free drive on #8 after the break:

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