Scratch Golf at the PGA Show

by Derek on February 2, 2011

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Scratch golf has long been known for their gorgeous custom wedges and irons.  And their booth didn’t disappoint.  Their set of custom SB-1 irons featuring some sweet looking green paintfill, and KBS Tour shafts with a custom white polymer finish was generating a lot of buzz.

But these irons weren’t the only thing in their booth…

Scratch’s chief design engineer, Jeff McCoy brought along some amazing looking putters that he created 100% by hand.  He started off with a block of steel, cut out the basic profile with a bandsaw and then when to work grinding the final shape.  Lots of work but very impressive.

The Damascus Steel in this putter is just ridiculously cool looking.

They also had some amazing Don White wedges:

These 3 wedges started out life with solid flat backs.  All of the shaping on the back was completely done by hand.  They also had some cool custom stamping:

Scratch Golf is continuing to put out some top notch clubs.  David Duval is playing their gear on tour.  And they’re bringing manufacturing back to the US when just about everybody else has left (including Ping).

And the cool thing is that they can pretty much make you anything you want.  I just wish I was good enough to play a set of their SB-1′s.

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