February 2012

Scotland Golf Trip, Part 1

by Phil on February 28, 2012

in International Golf,Travel

Since Derek has been too busy making hole-in-ones on par 4s (no doubt using this ball), there’s been some downtime here at 72stokes.  I figured this would be the perfect time to recount my golf trip to Scotland last fall.  I wanted to recount the experience while it was still fresh, and I remember every detail as if the trip had happened over six  months ago.

In late August, I left on a Friday morning and finally made it into Edinburgh, Scotland about mid-morning on Saturday.  In another post I’ll get into the mistakes I made travelling and what I could have done to save time and money.  But let’s just say that leaving Raleigh, NC at 7 a.m. on one day and not getting to your destination until 1030 a.m. the next morning is a bit tiring.

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