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Simulator is no match for Sadlowski

by Derek on November 17, 2012

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Jamie Sadlowski can hit a golf ball really, really far.  The guys on the Morning Drive yesterday found this out first hand when they had him try out the Golf Channel studio simulator.  He did warn them ahead of time that it probably wouldn’t hold up.  The best line is when you can hear Sadlowski mentioning that “Breed’s gonna be pissed”.  Just slap some duct tape on there and it’ll be as good as new… or not.

Long drive phenom Jamie Sadlowski will tee it up this afternoon at the Albertson’s Boise Open in his first ever Nationwide Tour start.

Sadlowski played in a 9-hole skins match on Monday with John Daly.  While he lost the match to Daly 7 to 2 (shooting even par), he did manage to drive a 359-yard par-4 with a 14* hybrid, which reportedly left Daly “flabbergasted”.

Sadlowski’s stated goal is to try to beat Jason Zuback’s record of 5 Re/Max long drive titles before transitioning into competitive golf.  He’ll have a shot at winning his 3rd title on Nov 4th in Nevada.


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Next time somebody you play with thinks they’re hot sh*t because they can hit a 300 yard drive, show them this video.  Jamie Sadlowski can his putter 300 yards.

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Sadlowski Smokes Watson

by Derek on January 6, 2011

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As most people expected, Jamie Sadlowski handily outdrove Bubba Watson, Robert Garrigus and Dustin Johnson during their competition today on the 18th hole.

The format was interesting.  They played a two round elimination event.  Each player got 3 shots and the ball had to be in play to count.  They moved the players up to to the Women’s tees, bringing the overall length of the hole down to 455 yards from the normal 663 yards.

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Dustin Johnson Golf Swing

It’s often a hotly debated topic on internet golf boards:  How do the longest driving PGA Tour Pros compare to the long drive competition specialists?

This week we may get an answer (or at least more fodder for the internet forums).  At the 2011 season opener in Kapalua, Jamie Sadlowski, the current king of the long drive will square up against the 3-longest drivers on the PGA Tour, Robert Garrigus, Dustin Johnson, and Bubba Watson, on the 18th hole of the Plantation Course.

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