November 2012

Simulator is no match for Sadlowski

by Derek on November 17, 2012

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Jamie Sadlowski can hit a golf ball really, really far.  The guys on the Morning Drive yesterday found this out first hand when they had him try out the Golf Channel studio simulator.  He did warn them ahead of time that it probably wouldn’t hold up.  The best line is when you can hear Sadlowski mentioning that “Breed’s gonna be pissed”.  Just slap some duct tape on there and it’ll be as good as new… or not.


Deadspin recently got a hold of an audio recording of Huntingdon College director of golf Matt Mahanic ripping his team a new one after a poor performance at a tournament in Alabama.

Fortunately for us (and unfortunately for 2007 Huntingdon graduate Mahanic) somebody on the bus was recording the whole thing on their phone.  The fun starts around 1:55 in the clip above.  I’m putting the highlights after the break given the NSFW language, but one thing really stood out to me:

Mahanic makes a big deal out his father asking him at the tournament “why the f*** are you recruiting these kids?”.  Recruiting?  In D-III where they can’t offer athletic scholarships?  Maybe somebody can fill me in, but D-III golf seems about like high school golf as far as I can tell.  If you’re a player on that team, why on earth would you put up with somebody (who only happens to be 5 years older than you) chewing you out like that when you’re not even getting a scholarship out of the deal?

That would be like Bob on the company softball team cursing out the rest of the team after a loss.  You’d tell Bob to go pound sand and put his stapler in jello when you got back to the office.

Read the highlights after the break:

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