Betting on the NBA Finals: Breaking Down the Odds for Game

Game six of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers goes tonight at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. With us to talk a little hoops is Johnny OddsShark and Johnny you’ve been nailing it with your analysis so far almost like a third Splash Brother What’s your take on the line here for Game six? Well looking back to Game three, I think the public read way too much into the Kevin Love absence and they pay for it in Game four. I talked about how Golden State was going to come back with a really strong defensive effort and I thought the total was set too high. In Game 5, I talked about how Draymond Green wasn’t valued enough in this spread. Oddsmakers thought he was only worth one point – and I thought it was worth more like four points in that one.

In this game for Game six I think they absolutely nailed the number. They open at -1. With the Cavaliers at -1 bettors right away jumped on Cleveland and they bet that line up to two and a half yeah but I think what we’ll see happen is I think we’ll see more money come on Golden State closer to the game time Draymond Green’s back in the lineup I think we’re going to see a very different Golden State team for Game Six. I think bettors will recognize that. What are you feeling tonight? What’s your recommendation?

How can I get in on some of this Johnny OddsShark money? Yeah one of the things that really jumped out at me for game 6 was the first half line. Looking back throughout this series the visiting team hasn’t won straight up at the half yet for any one of the games. The closest any team came was game five we’re going to state including more tied at the half but other than that it’s been the home team ahead every time. So I like that trend to continue I think Green’s gonna have to be on his best behavior early on.

I think the calls are going to go Cleveland’s way early on in the game so I like this trend to continue with the home team winning the first half. Now, in true NBA fashion a lot has been made of the officiating this series what are your thoughts about that and in particular with the crew working tonight yeah I think you’re mistaken if you’re expecting anything other than Cleveland getting all the calls in this game especially early on what we know about officials is they don’t like being made look back and I think they’ll probably feel like that’s what happened last game with Draymond Green with the shot for the nuts to LeBron there and that one with that skirmish LeBron maybe could have gotten the technical there too so as a result they take a ton of criticism you know they don’t like that so where it’s also on home court the home team usually gets the benefit of the doubt in every major pro sport and it’s no different in the NBA so i expect the referees to come out and probably give the Cavs every call every 50/50 call will go their way and maybe some more so the Warriors are going to have to overcome that I think the referees will be a big factor in this game. interesting on all points there Johnny, you’ve been banging on with your analysis through the first five games and it will be interesting to see how Game six plays out.