A Lifetime Of A Esports Game

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Esports come and go that’s just the way things work. Nothing lasts forever and the fact the matter is we’re all just playing video games on product cycles. The NBA doesn’t have to release a sequel to basketball every two years but most game publishers do which is often what leads to the death of the corresponding esports scene. A decade ago Halo was the biggest game in North American esports commanding a millions of dollars in prize money strong viewership and millions of copies sold. Now its lucky to get 10,000 viewers on Twitch on a good day. This is how Halo rose to the top of the esports world. “Final Boss your 2010 MLG National Champions.”” fell as hard as any game ever has.

“Michigan Sturgis ain’t happening.” “AGL 10k is supposed to be next weekend that’s on you motherf*cker this is your fault.” And then somehow managed to put together a redemption story “We’re at the home of Halo baby. We got everyone here. This is our moment, our time. So I ask you, get loud, get proud. Are you ready!?” The original Halo was a huge deal for Microsoft. Halo: Combat Evolved Rated M for Mature It was the flagship game for their brand new console the Xbox. In 2001 no one knew if Microsoft would sink or swim in the games industry and Halo the cutting edge fast-paced first-person shooter from little-known Mac developer Bungie was Microsoft the way of showing that they knew what they were doing. “with the power of the GeForce 2 GTS shading rasterizer plasma burns look more realistic than ever before.” “Nvidia’s GeForce 2 GTS and Bungie’s Halo. This is the future of gaming.”

The game was a hit, selling five million copies and inspiring a small but dedicated base of competitive players. Prize pools were small but players wanted organization so handful players and fans banded together to create MLG an organization that would go on to make Halo eports huge. “MLG was kind of was born out of Mike and my love of video games.” “We were sitting there and I said why don’t we just run one of these tournaments and just see how it works.” “It was a leap of faith.” A few years later Microsoft and Bungie launched Halo 2 which was better in just about every way. The gameplay was better the maps were better even the sales were better with 8 million sold to Halo’s five and that momentum propelled Halo to the top of the North American esports scene. Europe had Counter-Strike and Dota. Korea had Starcraft and NA had Halo. (Casting) The era of Halo 2 & 3 was dominated by legendary teams like Carbon Final Boss and Str8 Rippin. In 2006 MLG worked out a deal with the USA Network to broadcast MLG tournaments on TV and episodes were later available on Xbox Live. (Casting) MLG ran dozens of Halo tournaments between 2005 and 2007 and only stopped to bring in Halo 3.

League Of Legends Career

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The bottom line here is that League of Legends careers are shorter on average by 1.3 years and the average player is about 4.2 years younger. Now since we’ve acknowledged the physical differences, it’s pretty safe to say that League of Legends players have it pretty hard when it comes to game time. The average game time in League of Legends is about 32 minutes long and they can actually go way longer than that. In fact in Spring at 2018, the longest game was 74 minutes (100 Thieves versus Clutch Gaming). An average NFL game lasts about 3 hours and 12 minutes but there’s only 11 minutes of actual playing time due to about 20 commercial breaks and 67 minutes of players, coaches and officials just standing around. Between plays, injuries, timeouts and replays which averaged about 17 minutes of the total game time. The average NFL player only plays for about 3 to 4 minutes per game. The bottom line is that the average LCS player plays for around 10 times longer than the average NFL player does per game. Both football and League of Legends offer a lot of ways for their players to make additional cash like sponsorships, endorsements and streaming. But what about when it comes to this base salary?

The average base salary of a League of Legends player in North America this year was around $320,000 reportedly. In the LCS rulebook, the minimum allowed salary for players is around $75,000. Now in the NFL, the average player makes 2.1 million ($2,100,000) with the minimum pay allowed by the league being $465,000 in the first year of play and it goes up every year. The bottom line here is that the average league player makes around 6.5x less than an NFL player and the minimum pay is about 6.2x less. Now you might not know this but the NFL has rule changes every year. What constitutes is a foul? What can get you disqualified and even what counts as a catch? In 2017, there were eight changes the way that football is played. In League of Legends, there are around 12 to 25 changes per patch with multiple patches per season. These changes can be anything from the damage a character does to something more substantive like how the champion actually plays in the game. Sometimes a champion’s kit is no longer recognizable as the same character. Most of the changes aren’t due to the balance of the game as a professional e-sport but for the main audience of the game. It’d be like making one end of the football squared because the fans who play football occasionally want to kick it easier.

The bottom line is there’s an unimaginable number of changes that occur in League of Legends per year whereas in NFL that number is usually around ten. In order to be a top-tier competitor in the NFL or in League of Legends, you have to practice A LOT. The average NFL player practices or trains around five hours per day. This includes workouts, drills classroom sessions and even actual game practice. In League of Legends, the reported training numbers are higher with around eight hours of playtime scheduled per day, but most players continue beyond that to keep their skills up and solo queue (def. to queue for a ranked game of LoL alone) or even while streaming. One player reported playing at least 10 hours per day and doing physical training in addition to that. NFL players have hard jobs. There’s no doubt about that. The injury rates are obviously way higher than an eSports Do you have to maintain a specific weight or you get fined by your team? And you have to run which is maybe one of the worst things in the world. But in spite of all that, if playing the game that they love is what their job is, being an eSports athlete is harder than you might think. Captioned by a koala, voluntarily. Thanks for watching!


Esports Statistics

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E-sports athletes have hard jobs. Sure, they’re doing what they love but so are most professional sports athletes. Baseball players love throwing the ball, hockey players love beating the crap out of each other and… polo players will they love being more wealthy than you? All those jobs come with upsides and downsides and eSports is no different. But to really get an idea of just sort of the struggle eSports players go through, we have to compare it to something in the sports world, and that’s why for this video we’re gonna be looking at professional League of Legends players versus the American competitive football. Captioned by a koala, voluntarily. Now I know what a lot of you are saying right now, football is way harder than League of Legends because you get hit in the face, you get knocked to the ground like there is so much, I get it. But there are a lot of things that can make a job difficult.It`s much easier to play and win here: https://uscasinosguide.com/casino-bonuses/

Now to compare League of Legends and professional football, we need a baseline. So we’re gonna separate the people that are playing football during recess and for fun… …people that are playing unranked in League of Legends. So let’s go look at the numbers. For starters, even getting IN TO the LCS is hard. According to NFL report numbers (from Louie?) back in 2013 (because we don’t have a big research budget), Out of the 310,465 high school seniors who played football, only 0.08% would make it to be one of the 1696 players in a professional football club in the US. According to numbers from the same year about League of Legends, out of the roughly 300,000 Gold or above ranked players in North America, only 0.0001% will make it into one of the 60 NA LCS busts. So, what’s the bottom line? Well, in North American League of Legends about one in every 10,000 Gold or above ranked players makes it into the NA LCS. Whereas in football, it’s more like one in every 1250 senior high school players that make it into the NFL. How long are the careers of athletes in both cases? Well, boring post-athlete careers like coaching, streaming or giving up competitive solitary to become an eSports interviewer. HMM The turnover rates are actually pretty high in both cases.

In the NFL, the average career length is 3.3 years with the highest being around to 11.7 years for players who manage a Pro Bowl appearance under their belt. In the LCS, the career average hasn’t had as long as the NFL together exact data. But in most cases a two-year career is the average with the longest career in the NA LCS bind to doublelift who’s been playing for seven years actually since before the LCS started in 2011 He’s also my best friend. As an example, the oldest active LCS player is Jake “Xmithie” Pajero at 26 years old. Contrast that with the oldest active NFL player, Adam Vinatieri. Who is a 40 year old kicker for the Colts and he’s in his 18th season of play.