G2 Esports CS:GO | Bootcamp interview

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For me, the best teammate is… well… I don’t know yet, we didn’t play together enough. These are things we can know after playing in LAN. But according to my former experience, I would say Nathan. As to Richard and Alex, I don’t know enough about them yet.

For me, the best teammate is.. my 4 teammates: shox, Dan apEX, Kenny, Nathan… I do like Richard and Eddy They know how to… motivate me. (apEX: I don’t like the others) No, I didn’t say I don’t like the others! (laugh) The worst teammate is Kenny when he tries to steal all my anti Eco frags. Imagine, you don’t say anything. “Dan” “Who’s the worst?”

“Dan” Everyone says “Dan”! Uh, I have to be kind with you… You better be, I’m right next to you! The worst teammate is…. shox, apEX, Kenny and Nathan. As for the worst teammate, I’d say…. probably me. I think we all have our defects, so… Yeah, Dan is a bit toxic, but he also has many positive aspects which compensate.

There is no “worst teammate”. Well, the most annoying is SmithZz I guess, because he already slapped us hard, about anti Eco issues… And NiaK is on TeamSpeak, and when we try to talk to him, he doesn’t answer anymore, so… So yep, I’ll vote SmithZz. (bodyy): Yeah, SmithZz, I agree.. I do try to improve my stats, to kill my enemies who are in Eco, but…

There’s no way out. I’m getting slapped behind the head… You said I was more annoying than Jérome (NiaK)?! I’ll be much more over your back, my friend… And you’ll see what it is!

The best player on AIM Map in the team, it’s quite trivial, but it’s our analyst. On Internet! Because we played yesterday and I destroyed him. The best player of the team on AIM Map on Internet is by far the only German of our team, who is our analyst, enkayJ. And I do specify he’s German, cause everyone knows the German clichés on CS:GO.

The one who acts like a diva in the team…. There are 2 of them. Our 2 celebrities: Kenny and Richard. Without any hesitation, both of them. Yeah, yeah, the diva….Of course I’ll exclude myself… It’s Richard, cause everyone calls him “The Prince”‘…

Sometimes he says things he’d like to do, he has conditions… He says like “I don’t want to do this”.. Well…. You see… He decides, it’s Richard, he decides. Aaaah, getting success with girls…. Well, the one who did get more success with girls thanks to CS is right here!

What?! Eh lad, there have been 5 at least! I’m older! I’m much older! OK, I’m no longer a player..

I think it’s Kenny. Because…. He has a big green weapon!

Chocolate croissant or chocolatine? I don’t like sweets and pastries, gimme a big ham piece at 10 AM, I’ll be very happy! You didn’t get the question, uh? In the North of France, we call it “chocolate croissant” and in the South “chocolatine”. It’s the same thing. I don’t know!

Eh, what’s a ferry?! Eh, ham! Oh that will remain. I promise, you’ll be the laughingstock of all France. Chocolate croissant! Chocolate croissant For being a former Toulouse citizen, chocolatine!

Chocolate croissant League of Legends or DOTA? CS DOTA He’s making his own path! DOTA I don’t care. LoL Barça or PSG? G2 ARMY!

Uh, don’t care… Barça, I guess.. Barça just to annoy Kenny! I support Madrid, so I’ll say PSG. For me, it’s Paris, all the way. Were was Kenny on the weakness ladder after Barça-PSG match.., am I right? I’m completely bad about soccer. I think it was no longer a ladder, he was in a rocket, leaving for another planet, or even trying to find another universe somewhere.

A flick would have killed him. He told us he had cried for a whole day. I don’t get how it’s possible. But for him, soccer is his entire life, and we taunted him a lot… We’ll be able to continue to taunt him for a few years still, because of this match. 30 seconds?

I’ll take more because they deserve more than 30 seconds. Thank you, thank you very much for your big support. We’re always very happy to see you, we are not very used to make French events, I repeat it every time, but… We do miss it a lot.

Especially because we don’t see you. So I hope we’ll be lucky enough to see you all as long as we can in the coming events. Continue supporting us, it’s very important for us, and we read the messages, so thank you! Honestly, we love you, we’re glad you support us, and I swear we’ll do our best! Thank you all, bros!