Kevin Na shoots a 16… on one hole

by Derek on April 14, 2011

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Kevin Na

The par 4 9th hole at the TPC Oaks course in San Antonio probably isn’t very high on Kevin Na’s list of favorite holes right now.  Na carded a 16 on the hole today.  It was a significant blemish on an otherwise great round that included 5 birdies, 1 bogey, and whatever the hell you call a 16.

Na’s 16 included 3 tee shots, 2 unplayable lies, 2 left-handed shots, one swing where he completely missed the ball, one penalty stroke for the ball bouncing back and hitting him, and a 6 foot putt to close out the hole.

Afterwards Na told his caddie that he didn’t even know how many strokes he had taken.  They ultimately had to consult with PGA tour officials who determined that the proper score was a 16.

The PGA Tour Report posted a shot by shot breakdown of the hole.

Shot Shot/description
1-2 Tee shot right. Went down and found ball and declared an unplayable lie.
3 Went back to the tee box and hit another tee shot which went right in to the woods. Then hit a provisional left (Abandoned provisional). Found second tee shot on the right and played it.
4-5 Played ball in the woods and hit a tree and the ball hit himself and took a one shot penalty.
6 Took unplayable where ball came to rest.
7 Hit ball in woods.
8 Hit ball in woods (Left-handed and missed ball).
9 Hit ball in woods (Left-handed and advanced ball).
10 Hit ball in woods (barely moved the ball).
11 Hit ball in woods and did not get out of the trees.
12 Hit ball in woods and advanced to the rough.
13 Hit ball from woods in to rough.
14 Played from rough to the fringe.
15 Played from fringe on to green.
16 Made putt from 5 feet, 10 inches.


When he finally made it out of the brush, he received appluase that called “sarcastic”.  Personally, I think the applause was more along the lines of everybody in the gallery feeling relief and thinking “Yep, I’ve been there before”.

Na now sits at 8 over par, instead of one shot off the lead held by Stewart Cink and JJ Henry at 5-under. He’ll need a career round to make the cut and get back in the mix. Unfortunately for Na, winds are expected in excess of 25 mph tomorrow, making a 2nd round comeback unlikely at best.

[Image Flickr/Keith Allison]

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Ram Amandeep April 14, 2011 at 10:42 pm

This is why pro golfers are assholes. He makes a 16 on one hole; 12 strokes over par, on ONE HOLE, and STILL shoots an 80.



Morgan in NC April 15, 2011 at 11:25 am

Sounds like one of my holes last weekend… but even I didn’t manage to take a 16. Talk about a bad hole. On the other hand my round was no where NEAR 80 either… so Ram has a point. Worked on moving my grip and changing my stance so hopefully my weekend round this week won’t be so bad!


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