I’ve spent some time now with two of True Linkswear’s 2012 models, the Tours and the Stealths.  The short version is that they took an already great shoe line-up and made it even better.  Click continue for the long version.

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True Linkswear Stealth Limited Edition

True Linkswear has just released their final limited edition shoe of the year.  It’s a version of their brown Stealth model with a cream sole.  I think they’re really nice looking.  But if you want to buy a pair, you’d better hurry since they only made 100 of them.

True Linkswear

Bunker? What bunker?

by Derek on July 27, 2011

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Dustin Johnson What Bunker T-shirt

At least Dustin Johnson has a sense of humor about last year’s PGA Championship.  He’s now selling “What Bunker?” T-shirts on his website for a mere $30.

Bobby Jones's Green Jacket

On Aug 4, Bobby Jones’s green jacket will go up for auction in conjunction with the Chicago National Sports Show.  Jones was the co-founder of both Augusta National and the Master’s.

It’s pretty rare for a green jacket (especially Jones’s) to come up for auction since they’re not allowed to leave the club.  As you might guess, getting your hands on this is going to cost a pretty penny.  Estimates are that it could go for $100k or more.

The Augusta Chronicle

My new golf shirt

by Derek on July 7, 2011

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Fear the Beard golf shirt

That’s right.  Fear the beard.

Thanks for the idea Morgan.

A typical day at Kikkor Golf

by Derek on March 11, 2011

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I guess this is what you do when you live near the North Pole and can’t go out and play golf for half the year.

If you missed our post on their booth at the PGA Show, Kikkor Golf is a new Canadian shoe company providing golf footwear with a unique aesthetic.  James was kind enough to send over a couple of pairs from their 2011 line-up so keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming review.  [You can read the review here]

Kikkor Golf

Exterior of the Cobra/Puma demo day booth

And the award for the best booth/area at the PGA Show Demo Day goes to… Cobra/Puma.  From the outside, it just looked kind of like a big inflatable square.  But as you walked closer you began to hear music.  And once inside…

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I never thought I would write so many posts (two!) about golf clothing in one day, but apparently the Tampa Bay Devil Rays got together with Loudmouth Golf yesterday to try on some of Loudmouth’s unique golf apparel.  Maybe they could be the clothing provider for the US Team at the next Ryder Cup?