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Casey Martin talks to the press

by Derek on June 12, 2012

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You’ve probably heard of Casey Martin before.  His lawsuit and eventual victory at the Supreme Court gave him the right to use a golf cart in PGA Tour competitions.  It turned out to not make much of a difference as Martin lost his tour card and eventually became the golf coach at Oregon.  He qualified for the Open last week and now will be making his first US Open appearance since 1998 (also at Olympic).

If you’re at all interested in Casey’s story, this is a great video.  Martin is entertaining, engaging, and humble.  Regardless of what you think of the Supreme Court’s ruling in his case, it’s hard not to pull for the guy.

Rory McIlroy's Practice Facility

No, that's not the Road Hole bunker at St. Andrews. It's Rory's backyard.

The BBC ran an hour long documentary on Rory McIlory last night entitled Major Breakthrough.  It’s available online here, but you have to be located in the UK to watch it.

However, I did find a really cool sneak peek clip of Rory showing off his amazing backyard practice facility.  Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video, but definitely hit up the link if you have a couple of minutes and prepare to be blown away.

BBC – Rory Sneak Peak

Tiger saw this coming

by Derek on June 21, 2011

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Over 2 years ago, Tiger told that he thought a then 19-year old Rory McIlroy had the tools to become the best player in the world:

“There’s no doubt,” Woods said. “But hopefully it’s not while I’m around,” he added, laughing.

“Certainly he has the talent. We can all see it. The way he hits the ball, the way he putts, the way he can chip, and get up-and-down. He has the composure and all the components to be the best player in the world. It’s just a matter of time and experience and then gaining that experience in big events. That just takes time and, I mean, geez, he’s only 19. Just give him some time and I’m sure he’ll be there.”

I’m not sure if Tiger thought that a mere 2 years later Rory would be turning the US Open into a clinic while he himself would be in the middle of the longest winless streak of his career and would have fallen outside of the top 10 in the world.  But there you have it. (via Dogs That Chase Cars)

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John McIlroy???

by Derek on June 20, 2011

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john mcilroy daily herald

snapped this pic of today’s paper identifying the winner of the US Open as John McIlroy.

I know that typos happen, but WTF Chicago Daily Herald?  How do you miss this one?

Alright, I’m a believer.  After the Masters, I wasn’t sure if McIlroy was the real deal or not.  I don’t think anybody has any doubts about that after witnessing one of the most dominant performances in US Open history.  No I don’t think it’s a better performance than Tiger in 2000, but it’s damn close.

Here’s the thing about Rory.  By all accounts, he’s a very friendly, engaging, and humble young man.  He doesn’t take issue with being asked tough questions by reporters and didn’t run off and hide after a disastrous Sunday in April at the Masters.

Over the last 4 days, McIlroy was elevated himself to the pinnacle of the game.  But he’s not the only player that made a statement this weekend.

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eyebrow dance kid

Right place at the right time…

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Darkhorse picks for the US Open

by Derek on June 15, 2011

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Sergio Garcia

It’s that time of year again.  The best players in the world are getting in last minute practice for the start of the US Open at Congressional on Thursday.

The last 2 US Opens have produced champions who weren’t picked by many pundits to win.  There are probably 50 players with a reasonable chance this week.  So instead of picking who I think it most likely to win, I’m picking 5 “under-the-radar” players that I think could win this week.

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Steve Williams Tiger Woods

When it was first posted on Golfwrx that Steve Williams was spotted on a DC-bound flight today, many people assumed that it was bad info or that Stevie was just planning on attending the event.  Nobody seemed to think that it was really possible he was on his way to Congressional to caddie for somebody other than Tiger.

That is until the story broke that Stevie would be on Adam Scott’s bag this week.  Of course this is going to fire up all kinds of speculation about Tiger/Stevie, Tiger’s health and future in golf, etc.

But the bottom line is that Williams and Scott are friends, Scott had an open bag this week, and once Tiger gave it the OK, Stevie was on his way to Congressional to help out a pal.

Given Scott’s performance at Augusta and his renewed success on the greens with a long putter, you have to wonder if this might be the week that Scott finally breaks through and wins a major.

[Image Flicker/Keith Allison]

tiger woods us open twitterTiger just announced that he won’t be playing the in the US Open next week.  I can’t say that this was a huge surprise after Jack Nicklaus stated last week that Tiger might not be healthy enough to play:

“Tiger called me Friday [to withdraw from the Memorial],” Nicklaus said. “He said, ‘I’m still hobbling, and I don’t know whether I’m going to make the U.S. Open or not.’ “


“I am extremely disappointed that I won’t be playing in the U.S. Open, but it’s time for me to listen to my doctors and focus on the future,” Woods said. “I was hopeful that I could play, but if I did, I risk further damage to my left leg. My knee and Achilles tendon are not fully healed. I hope to be ready for AT&T National, the next two majors and the rest of the year.”

Tony Romo Tiger Woods

Tony Romo fired off a 81 today at a North Texas local qualifier to end his hopes of playing in next month’s US Open.  Last year Romo made it to the sectional qualifier but withdrew when a weather delay caused a conflict with a Cowboys practice event.

Tony Romo’s “obsession” with golf has become a perennial source of complaints among Cowboys fans who believe it distracts him from focusing on Football.

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