My new favorite LPGA’er

by Derek on October 7, 2011

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I don’t typically spend much time paying attention to the LPGA (actually none), but I may have to start if the broadcasts begin featuring Belen Mozo.  I’ve never heard of her before now, but I think she just became my favorite LPGA golfer.

PGA TOUR Player Endorsements

The answer is that it varies, but this info-graphic from CCA sheds a little bit of light on how lucrative professional golf endorsements can be.  It seems interesting that Champions Tour players out-earn LPGA’ers.  And of course they’re all dwarfed by the money tree that is the PGA Tour.

Grip It

by Derek on September 21, 2011

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LPGA Grip It song

Check out LPGA player Tiffany Joh’s “Grip It” video.  You can check out more videos on her Youtube Channel, which I have to say is quite entertaining.  She even recorded a version of the Golf Boy’s “Oh oh oh” that doesn’t actually sound that bad.

Just remember, “she’s a lady on the street but a freak with a wedge”.

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More proof that women aren’t good drivers

by Derek on July 28, 2011


womens british open golf cart

I kid, I kid!  Apparently they’re playing the Women’s British Open this week (who knew?) and somebody decided that the one thing missing in this water hazard was a golf cart.  Bada-bing bada-boom, problem solved.


korean golfers

Why are Korean women so good at golf?  Is it the hours of hard work and dedication, overbearing parents, or is it just in their blood?  Check out the video after the break to find out:

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Natalie Gulbis

Well this one is getting wierder.  Dustin Johnson is denying that he’s dating Natalie Gulbis and says that rumors he withdrew from the Sony Open because his girlfriend found out about the relationship with Gulbis on TV are false.

In fact Johnson states that he broke up with Amanda Caulder several months ago and has not been dating anybody since then.  Maybe he should tell that to Natalie?

Assuming that Johnson isn’t going home to deal with his domestic situation, it begs the question of what actually caused the last minute withdrawal from the Sony Open?

[Image Flickr/Keith Allison]

To hear John Huggan tell it, it’s pretty common:

You may not want to hear this, but golf at every level is rife with cheating. Well, OK, rife may be too strong a word. But it’s out there, at every level of the game up to and including the professional level, where the temptation to transgress is obviously increased by the often huge financial rewards available.

You’ll never read the names of those involved though. Officialdom doesn’t want you to know who they are (and the legal implications of publicly exposing the culprits don’t help either). Some, in fact, are really quite famous. One multiple major champion, by way of example, is a notorious cheat and the subject of any number of head-shaking locker room tales. Ryder Cup players are not immune either. At least one is tainted forever by his serial cheating. And there are others, many of whom have won events through the most dubious of methods.

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Photo by Wojciech Migda

LPGA star Yani Tseng of Taiwan recently turned down a $25m deal that would have required her to become a Chinese citizen. An un-named Chinese company had apparently been wooing her for the past year.  They offered her $25m over 5 years, a private villa in Beijing, and the use of a private jet.  The catch was that the 21 year old 3 time LPGA major winner would have had to become a Chinese citizen; obviously a sensitive issue given her Taiwanese nationality.   That issue killed the deal although it seems that Tseng would be amenable to a multi-million dollar offer that did not involve a change in citizenship (I’m shocked).

China Post (via Golf Digest)